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A school is a place where a child grows physically and cognitively and simultaneously develops the natural impulses like curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, patience, resourcefulness, resilience, and understanding.

At Divine Public School our aim is to create an ethos that will encourage children to grow in all these mental aspects. An ethos of harmony and interdependence with the environment around them, that fosters tolerance, discussions, flexibility and understanding from different points of view. Where hard work is recognized and rewarded, an environment where the mind can range unfettered and free of constraints. An atmosphere that encourages adaptability, responsibility and leadership. Where charity, service and self sacrifice is the norm.

It is our commitment to our students that we shall extend the best innovative practices in every sphere of their schooling. Hence, no stone will be left unturned to ensure that our children reach the next milestone with great confidence, self esteem, élan and poise.


    To inculcate in every child a love of learning and the confidence to explore, grow and achieve as individuals.


    To enable all the students to achieve their full potential academically, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially with empowered faculty and through Innovative framework.


    Knowledge is Real Power.

Why Divine?

We are a Community of Lifelong Learners where

  • Children are learners,
    not just Students
    Children are makers,
    not just Takers
    Teachers are Facilitators,
    not Instructors
  • Children are learners, not just Students A student is limited to schooling, but a leaner is for life. We empower children to become a Lifelong Learners by nurturing a Learner's mindset
  • Experience is more important than information
    School is a Community,
    not a service provider
    How to think & learn is more essential than what to think & learn.


Our Achievements

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