School Infrastructure



Divine Public School in ideal surrounding on a 2.5-acre piece of land near the Ladwa Road, the school has impressive building divided into 3 parts Preparatory Wing, Junior Wing and Senior Wing.

The layout of class-rooms, campus and playgrounds has been designed keeping in view the age group and needs of the children. The schools have open natural fresh environment, flower beds lawns and other modern equipments that are needed to develop child’s personality.


Room Number Length (in Ft.) Breadth (in Ft.)
Bio Lab 1 40`.6“ 18`
Chemistry Lab 1 34` 18`
Physics Lab 1 36` 18`
Computer Lab 2 24` 18`
Library 1 35` 6“ 18`
Math Lab 1 24` 18`
Home Science Room 1 24` 18`
Class Rooms 36 24` 18`

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